New Born Baby Beanie, 100% Merino Wool, Extra soft


New Born Baby Beanie, 100% Merino Wool, Extra soft


A super soft, snuggly, 100% Extra fine Merino Wool all hand made with great attention to detail and finish. Perfect for your baby giving them the experience of ultimate cashmere softness & warmth with contemporary modern style. Soft & itch free against your babies skin A vibrant & fun accessory.

The quality is certainly something to get excited about, as merino wool has unique properties which makes it luxuriously soft. The fibres are exceptionally fin and so can bend much more than traditional wools and this stops that scratchy feeling. Merino wool is therefore perfect for use next to baby's skin.

It's the perfect gift for all occasions.

° Bespoke service is available, scarf can also be knitted to match. Please just ask.

Machine wash but would recommend hand wash.

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